Why Generic Adhesives Aren’t Always Fit for Purpose


To say that generic adhesive products weren’t both useful and important would be untrue and unfair. Quite to the contrary, tens of millions of people all over the world rely on these products every day to take care of a wide variety of jobs.  But at the same time, there will always be various instances when and where generic adhesives just aren’t up to the job.  Now more than ever, businesses up and down the UK are turning to the services of 3M tape suppliers, for the preparation and supply of the kinds of custom adhesive products that really can make an incredible difference.

So if you’ve been wondering exactly why it is that custom adhesive products are becoming so popular and important among British businesses, here’s are a quick rundown of some of the reasons why generic adhesives aren’t always fit for purpose:

1. Material Compatibility

First of all, pretty much every type of generic adhesives across the board will have certain limitations in terms of material compatibility. Not only this, but the greater the number of materials the adhesive in question is compatible with, the less targeted the adhesive is as a result. One of the biggest difference is when it comes to a custom adhesive product is the way in which it is designed from the ground up specifically in accordance with the materials with which it is to be used. All of which in turn inherently means better and more consistent results.

2. Atmospheric Conditions

The vast majority of generic adhesive products are also somewhat limited when it comes to the kinds of atmospheric conditions they can deal with. For example, if the ambient environment is too hot, too cold or too moist, chances are it will be difficult to work with a generic adhesive.  The same also applies to the surfaces to be joined, which themselves may be hot, cold, damp etc.  Custom adhesives can, by contrast, be created to deal with just about any atmospheric conditions whatsoever.

3. Type/Strength of Bond

When you use a generic adhesive product, you don’t get a great deal of say as to the type and strength of bond that is created. With custom adhesives, you can select exactly how strong you want the bond to be, how permanent you want it to be, how quickly it should set in place and so on. If it is important that the bond sets in accordance with your own specific requirements, you may not find generic adhesives up to the job.

4. Health and Safety

Contrary to popular belief, there are many instances where generic adhesives are fundamentally more dangerous than custom industrial adhesives. The reason being that depending on the circumstances of the environment in question, it may be highly hazardous to use a generic adhesive. For example, a highly flammable generic adhesive being used in an environment with open sources of heat. The difference with custom adhesives being that you get to determine each of the key properties of the adhesive, including those that determine its overall safety. In all instances however, the secret to superior safety when handling industrial adhesives is to only ever do so in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines.

5. Storage and Reuse

One of the biggest problems with many generic adhesive products is the way in which you use them once, store them away and find the next time you use them they are unfit for use. Which for obvious reasons has a tendency to lead to unnecessary and expensive wastage. When you order a custom adhesive product, it can be manufactured in a way that enables it to be used as many times as required on an ongoing basis, without ever losing any of its quality or integrity.

6. Value for Money

Last but not least, while it’s normal to assume that generic adhesive products represent the more cost-effective option, this rarely turns out to be the case. The reason being that while generic adhesives may often be sold cheaply on a per-unit basis, what you get out of the deal with a quality custom adhesive is so much more. From the quality of the results you produce to the simplicity other joining process to health and safety and so on, custom adhesive products can be uniquely cost effective. Which counts double, if you made the decision to go ahead and order in bulk.