What can a commercial EPC disclose?


Considering the latest climate changes, carefully studying your building from time to time is necessary. However, it is important to allow experts to do this work for you. It is interesting to find what commercial EPC can share. These surveys are incredibly helpful and they can bring forward all sorts of pieces of information that will allow you to enjoy the most of your building. Older buildings that carry the charm of lost times, buildings that are beautifully decorated, stylish and sophisticated are the ones that burn out the most energy and without adding any plus vale to your living standard. They simply burn out energy that costs and that isn’t exactly good for the environment. Since people have understood the importance of taking care of the planet, legislations are more and more oriented towards this issue. Thus, commercial EPC surveys are necessary and they are priceless as far as the information they can provide owners with. These being said, here is what you ought to know about EPCs.

The purpose of these surveys

Building surveys are of plenty types. They can study all kinds of issues related to your property. You can find out if the structure of your building is strong, if the energy system is efficient, the level of CO2 emissions and so on. Commercial EPCs are all about energy and CO2 emissions, which makes them extremely valuable. These surveys will carefully identify the amount of energy your property uses and the amount of existing CO2 emissions. Plus, as a result of realising the survey you will obtain something truly valuable. You will understand exactly how your home performs from the energy point of view. In other words, instead of receiving number and analyses you don’t exactly understand, you will receive data regarding the actual property.

Real solutions

So the analysis has been done, your property has been inspected and the results have been provided to the owner. So far, so good. What comes next? What can you do with the pieces of information received? As opposed to other surveys, the commercial EPC, usually brings solution. You have a problem and you are given a possible solution. This way, after investing in the actual survey, you won’t end up saying that the money has been spent or nothing. The investment is never in vain in this domain. As you receive real answers to your problem, you receive solutions to actual problems and by applying them, your lifestyle is significantly improved.

Valuable pieces of information

Assuming that you are planning to sell a property, before putting it on the market, you decide to renovate it. You have two options. You can either go ahead and do the renovations according to your personal preferences, or you can have a survey before hand and take notice of it. The difference between the two options is that understanding exactly what the problems are, all renovations will be problem oriented. Your building will be considerably more valuable for its new owners, knowing that it is energy efficient. Such investments are worth making and they will be recovered when the building is sold at a bigger price.