Train your promotional staff properly


Companies that use promotional staff when participating at marketing events are more likely to succeed than those that do not. Customers are human beings, so engaging with them directly is essential. When customers take an active role in the marketing process, they develop a more stable relationship with the product or brand. To make sure that though that the promo staff London does great at the trade show, it is necessary to schedule at least one hour for training. But why it is important to train your promotional event? Well, the people hired to promote your brand are an extension of your company and it is important to ensure that they excel at popularising your message and values. The point is that your job is not over when you hire promotional staff. Here are some training tips for those who are preparing for marketing events.

Tell your company’s story

Every company has a story to tell. If you want your promotional staff to engage with your customers, then you need to make an effort to connect with them. The last thing you should do is start with “once upon a time”. If you do have an interesting story to tell, with turns and twists, then you should better keep things simple and short. There is no use in boring the promotional team with a never-ending adventure. Simply talk about your company’s mission, service or products.  By learning all the core values first-hand, the team will be taught to present your messages to the target audience in the way you want it.

Lay emphasis on your goals

If you are participating at a trade show, then you most likely have some goals. Share your objectives with the promotional staff. More precisely, talk about why you want to exhibit at the show, make it clear whether your intention is to establish business awareness or advocating a specific message. Equally important is to explain to the promo reps how you are going to achieve these goals. 

Practice conversation

Marketing events guests are not all the same, which means that the have different interests and objectives. The promotional team needs to be able to approach as many attendees as possible to your exhibition booth. Practically, the persons representing your brand need to be able to make fast decisions when it comes to separating potential customers from people who want nothing more than to get hand-outs. The brand reps need to answer correctly key questions about your company. This is where you come in. Let your team know customers care most about so that they can better engage with them.

Make the training session fun  

People generally perform better for the agencies or companies that they like, which is why you should make yourself liked. What you should do is treat the promo staff well and not forget about the fun factor. There is no reason why you should not deliver training in an enjoyable way. training offers you the opportunity to create meaningful relationships.