The power of giving back: reasons to support a charity

Whether you sponsor an event, share your knowledge and experience, encourage your corporate team to volunteer or donate to the food bank, hold a contest or build a house, giving back to the community comes with undoubtable benefits. Helping those less fortunate will soon help you evolve from a simple business owner to a local leader. For some people, business success and social responsibility do not mix, but it is only because they cannot fully grasp the real impact they can have on community growth, not to mention about their own business growth because surprisingly, these work hand in hand. Supporting a charity does not only make you feel good on the inside, but also strengthens business reputation, helps you attract more customers, boosts the morale of your employees and brings teams or different departments together. Other perquisites refer to building a stronger local network, retaining talent, increasing sales while reducing marketing costs and creating a dynamic local economy.

Follow these steps before deciding to support a charity

Follow the example of influential business people across the world, such as Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor and make a difference in your own community by supporting a charity. Of course, just because we are talking about an act of altruism, it does not mean that you should not do a thorough research concerning the respective charity. In fact, we even recommend you to review the official website and brochures, meet personally with the charity leaders to get a deeper understanding of their work and investigate attentively assessments of the charity. These useful pieces if information will help you determine if the charity has a clear mission, faces challenges, but managed to enjoy success in the past. Do you know its board members? Can they offer material proof, such as pictures and testimonials of their current work while expressing their main objectives? Once you become familiar with some members of the organization and you gain insight into their procedures, you have to decide if you should contribute, financially and personally to their success. Would you feel comfortable supporting the charity?

Still hesitant? Look at the progress and success of influential people

If you hesitate to give an answer, then keep looking because as long as you have initiative, all you have to do next is find someone or something worthy of benefiting from your desire to help. If you display a reluctant attitude regarding the benefits that your business will enjoy after such an act of altruism, then you should focus on the influential Moshe Kantor ’s accomplishments. He is the perfect example that giving back is good for business. After all, he managed to become a billionaire and he opened a national center for helping children. Of course, you do not have the same financial resources as him, but you can still involve your team in local projects and enjoy enhanced reputation. Make sure that you show up personally and you meet those needy people so that they can remember your face and thank you when they get the chance.