Stationery elements that will help your business in the marketing department


Businesses utilize all sorts of methods when it comes to advertising and marketing. However, the smallest details usually tend to be neglected, many entrepreneurs not realizing that an apparently insignificant factor can actually make a difference. Your stationery supplies can be used to your advantage, providing benefits in the marketing department, as long as you are aware of how to they can actually work in your favor. So which exactly are the elements that should not miss from your stationery, and how can you make the most of them? The following information will clear things up for you:

Customized stamps

Stamps have become ones of the most neglected items around the office, some businesses not even purchasing them at all. Well, this type of element continues to have its own important role, even if it is less frequently used. Having a customized self-ink or rubber stamp at our disposal will give you the chance to give the packages or letters you are sending that touch of professionalism that could influence how others see your enterprise. By opting for the stamp customization services offered by Kiasu Print, and purchasing stamps with the logo of your company, you can use the item to brand any important document, file, letter or even business card. Potential clients or business partners will take your company more seriously if you have paid attention to this aspect.

Printed envelopes

Direct mail is still a form of marketing campaign widely used by many businesses. If this is something that you have included in your advertising strategies, the usage of envelopes is of course required. However, what you might not have thought of is that the envelope itself can function as an effective marketing tool. With a fun and interesting design, the logo and name of your company carefully customized on the front, you will be determining recipients to actually open the materials you are sending via traditional mail. Instead of opting for the common, white envelope, choose one that is printed in a more unique way by, and the marketing results obtain will certainly impress you.


Whether you place it somewhere on a public publicity board, or on a backpack you wear when walking down the street, stickers are a great supply that can increase brand awareness. Fun, customized elements of this kind can immediately draw attention, and can be used in a wide variety of situations, including company events. While the costs of purchasing them is a low one, the outcomes of their usage can actually be more beneficial than expected.

These are the items that any respectable business should have at its disposal at all times. Although envelopes, or stamps might not seem like elements that are still relevant in today’s digital era, if you analyze the topic properly and consider the details above mentioned, you will conclude for yourself, that their role is not one you can neglect. Moreover, you can easily find providers that can supply you with all the customized stationery elements you require at great prices.