How to make a perfect first impression at corporate meetings

You have no idea how to make a killer impression when attending a corporate meeting? People are judging from the first start and can place you in a certain typology in approximately20 seconds. Although it seems impossible, people are really focused on details when it comes to such events. Therefore, knowing that this aspect is vital, especially if you are thinking about a business meeting or a situation where you have to prove your entrepreneurial skills, you will want to know some tips and tricks to get you going at a corporate meeting. Here’s the list:

Making an appearance

Have you ever considered car rentals for making a good impression at a corporate meeting? Showing up in a taxi is not exactly the ideal way you want your colleagues to remember you so investing a little into renting a car for this special occasion might have a greater impact than you expect. Simply choose a car that suits your personality and requirements and rent it for the day. Even though you might consider this a materialistic thing to do, the way you are making your entrance matters lots. Don’t forget about the clothes you are wearing either. Go for casual business outfits and avoid exaggerating. A corporate meeting usually has a dress code so simply respect that and you will be just fine. Be careful with your body posture and quit the habit of touching your face too often or placing an object between you and other people.

Speech and voice tone

A voice that is raised too high might let people know that you are nervous and agitated, especially if you are accustomed to ending declarative sentences raising the tone, as a question. Practically, you are signalling to others that you don’t possess enough knowledge for presenting the topic you are discussing. A voice that is too low transmits that you are way to authoritarian, emotionless or indecisive. Be conscious about the way you speak and the tone you are using. If you have a fast rhythm of speech, don’t forget to take in a healthy breath before starting your sentences. At the same time, avoid being monotonous because you will seem like your mind wanders somewhere else at the moment.

Choosing words carefully

Words matter more than you think. Positive and convincing words have the advantage of opening many doors and attracting many opportunities. Using the right words can make people feel more comfortable around you. Avoid long phrases that people can’t follow up and say what you need with simple words. Ask questions and develop interesting conversations to keep the meeting going. Try keeping yourself talking about the topic discussed and do not go too far away from the main subject. After all, it is a business meeting and you are not completely boundless regarding choosing a discussion topic. Also, look everyone in the eye when you speak to them as a sign of respect and a better communication. This way you will make interlocutors focusing their attention on what you have to say.