How can you use printed T-shirts to the benefit of your business?

Why should you go to a print shop and have a T-shirt printed? If the only situations that come to mind are your friend’s bachelorette party or your little brother’s birthday, then you are missing out on some great business opportunities. Custom-made printed T-shirts can be very beneficial for your business, if you know how to use them, that is. Without requiring a large budget or a long time to make, not only can they increase the exposure of your company, but also promote a sense of belonging among your employees. There are several methods of producing them, but screen printing in Canada is believed to offer the best price/quality ratio. If you’re not sure how they can help fulfill your corporate goals, then here are some benefits you should keep in mind.

Informal office uniforms

Once a business exceeds a certain number of employees and once your staff must come in contact with customers every day, you need to consider about introducing a uniform. Printed t-shirts are great because they’re comfortable to wear, so your employees won’t feel restricted by a severe office dress code, but, at the same time, they indicate professionalism. In addition, you’ll have the peace of mind that all your employees are dressed appropriately and you won’t have a clash between people who wear casual clothes and people who wear more elegant clothes. Your staff will enjoy wearing them too, because they will feel part of a large team.


Trade shows, exhibitions and launch events

Assuming it’s not necessary for your staff to wear a uniform on a daily basis, there still are some occasions when you need to stand out from other competitors. For example, if your business will be present at a trade show or exhibition, wearing printed T-shirts is a great way of introducing yourself. Moreover, participants will be able to easily be able to identify your company’s representatives and approach them for questions. In general, printing your company logo is enough, but you can also print your slogan or a certain product or service you are currently promoting.


An inexpensive marketing tool

Last, but not least, printed T-shirts are some of the most affordable, fun and efficient means of marketing and can increase the exposure of your business at minimum cost. You can offer printed T-shirts to your clients for free or even for sale, if your brand is coveted. Think of Hard Rock Café, for example. People who go into one of their international locations always buy a T-shirt and this helps the café gain even more recognition. However, be very careful what message you promote and how you market your company. It’s best to keep things simple and to the point. Avoid puns, “Keep Calm” and “I heart” messages, because they have been overused in the past years and people don’t pay attention to them anymore. If necessary, contact a branding agency prior to printing the T-shirts, just to make sure your idea will be successful.