Help the Environment by Recycling Paper


Recycling helps protect the environment, saves energy and it also saves resources. We are very bad at recycling and it is important for people to get familiar with this process because, if we want to do something good for the environment, we need to get into the habit of recycling. But before you decide to do some paper recycling, maybe you should first think of paper shredding.

What is paper shredding?

Paper shredding involves a shredder – a machine which its main function is to reduce the size of materials (in this case, paper). This process becomes very important when it comes to recycling paper because, if the volume of paper is reduced, then storage and transportation costs will substantially decrease. And what is more, paper shredding has a positive impact on the environment, because it is a solution to deforestation.

Why use a shredder for your business documents?

When it comes to important documents, paper shredding is the best choice for a company. Nowadays, it is common for companies to shred their documents because paper shredders destroy every information existent on paper. Usually, the documents that are most likely to be shredded are old files with personal information. So if you are afraid of throwing out business documents that contain important information, then paper shredding is the way to go. It is better to be cautious and avoid fraud and identity theft. Not to mention that there are a lot of shredding companies nowadays, so this task will be a simple one to do.

Are paper shredding services safe? What about the price?

Shredding services guarantee the permanent destruction of documents. In other words, paper shredding is completely safe. The shredding company uses shredding machines that completely destroy documents, making them impossible to reconstruct. Moreover, these companies have very strict security procedures when it comes to handling the documents. So there is no need for you to worry! Also, shredding services are inexpensive and you can schedule the shredding process as you please. According to the amount of documents that you need to get rid of, you can do it monthly or weekly. For more information, feel free to check this website.

Is shredded paper recyclable?

Yes, shredded paper can be recycled. The recycling process of shredded paper begins with the separation of cardboard from office paper. Then, the paper is taken to a mill, where machines (known as pulpers) break down the paper into fibers and the longer the fiber, the more valuable the paper. This process can be executed just by adding water and chemicals to the pulpers. The next step involves removing any ink and adhesive from the paper. Last but not least, the fibers are dried. Now they are ready to turn into brand new products. For example, office paper is made from long fibers, while toilet paper, egg cartons, paper towels or coffee filters are made from short fibers.

In other words, if you want to keep your old documents safe, do some paper shredding first.