Grow Your Business with SalesRipe’s Lead Generation Solution

Generating leads is always troublesome, especially in the B2B field. If you feel that you have exhausted all lead generation solutions that you could think of, now would be the best time to try a lead generating software. SalesRipe is an excellent solution for generating leads in a fast and efficient matter. If you are not familiar with this tool, here’s a quick intro that will surely convince you to give it a try.

Targeted Lead Lists

Generating leads is pointless if you are doing it blindly. To maximize your chances of making a sale, you need to have targeted leads. This means that you need to contact people who already have an interest in your product or your services. Researching the market and building a lead list manually can be very time consuming. However, with SalesRipe you have the opportunity find the ideal prospects, by using the software’s search criteria. There are over 30 criteria that you can choose from, and they work for B2C but also for B2B needs. The leads created in the software can either be managed with the integrated CRM system, or they can be exported to an Excel file.

Extensive lead information

Making a sale is a lot easier when you have not only the contact information, but also some insight into the lead’s life. The business leads generated by SalesRipe come with several types of contact information such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers. For B2B you can also have access to in-depth information such as the business’ industry, the number of employees, the sales volume and the title of the person that you are contacting. This allows you to adapt your sales pitch, to increase your chances of closing the deal. SalesRipe allows you access to over 200 million consumer leads and 15 million business leads. For consumer leads, you also get details like age, income or geographic location.

Built-in CRM system

SalesRipe is not just a lead generating software. It is a complete solution for maximizing sales. The integrated CRM system can help you with every step of the sales process. Having constant access to valuable information on your consumer or your business leads, helps you not only to make sales, but also to build long lasting relationships with your customers.

By providing you with access to so many leads and detailed information on each lead, SalesRipe is the tool that any business needs in order to grow. Moreover, if you are not convinced about it, you can always try the 7 day free trial.