Finding the right PR agency for your hotel

PR strategies can be a game changer for any hotel out there, allowing them to make the right marketing moves and thus push their business in the right direction. If you are a hotel owner or manager and you desire to improve the image of your business and reach a wider range of clientele, hiring a team of PR consulting specialists is the wise things to do. Once you begin your search for an agency, you will come across a multitude of options, making your choice more difficult. To be certain that you are hiring the right people for the job, here are the most important things to pay attention to:

Industry longevity

You should start by finding out for how long the agency has been in business. How many clients they have worked for? Are they truly experienced in this domain? Experience and industry longevity are the first signs of professionalism, and aspects that should play a role in your decision. Requesting this information upon your first discussion is necessary, in order to prevent wasting time or money on services that are not suitable for your needs and requirements. Keep in mind that the more experienced the PR specialist are, the better their services will be.


When discussing with a PR agent, you should pay attention to their communication skills. Can they provide you with clear explanations of what their work consists of? Do they seem friendly and reliable? The communication between a PR specialist and their client is extremely important for the future marketing campaigns. You need to make sure that your vision and ideas will be taken into consideration, that the PR methods used by the agency will be ones that meet your needs, and that each decision will be made under your approval. Hiring an agency that does not value client communication will only cause you inconveniences and may not push your business in the direction you desire it to go.

Check their portfolio

Last but not least, make sure to request some client references and some examples of their work. See with what other businesses similar to yours they have collaborated, and if the results of their services have been positive ones. This is the fastest way to figure out the service quality of the agency and if it is worth resorting to their help or not. If they represent reputable hotels, and the improvement of their client’s success has been a noticeable one, you can feel safe hiring them yourself.

Because PR strategies are such an important tool in increasing the success of a hotel or travel business, collaborating with the right specialists will be necessary. However, considering the extensive variety of offers available, making a choice requires a bit of research. These are the most important aspects to consider when you are searching for this type of agency. In order for the services received to actually meet your expectations and provide you with the results you desire, make sure to keep each one of these details in mind before hiring someone.