FAQ about global freight networks – things to consider

Do you have a business that deals with transporting things and your intention is to make it successful? The best idea is to join a global freight network in order to benefit from a lot of advantages. And if you have doubts, here there are some frequently asked questions which have the role to help you understand how things really work in order to take the best decision for your business.


Why is it necessary for me to join a global freight network?


For a better understanding, you are not forced to join such an alliance. But if you want to receive some good results, it is highly recommended to think about doing that. The first benefit you get is that you can share the same list of clients with other important players from the logistics domain. So, you can receive some better contracts that can help you gain a lot of money.

How can I avoid conflicts from a cargo alliance?


Actually, the only thing you have to do is to respect the rules of the cargo alliance. And the role of coordinators is to make sure that this happens all the time. For example, there is a principle which is applied in the majority of cases of an alliance and it is represented by the fact that if you happen to be in the closest area to a client and you aren’t busy at that moment, you have priority in receiving the task to help him. Of course, you can choose to refuse to do that if it doesn’t fit your expectations.

Do I have to pay a membership fee?


Usually, the members are asked to pay a fee or more, depending on the conditions and the benefits of the global freight network. Also, you have to bear in mind the fact that you can ask for some discounts if you have already been a member for more than a year. On the other hand, you can notice that there are some cargo alliances that offer a free trial which can last for several months. They consider it an accommodation period and it proves to be extremely useful for the members.


What about the annual meeting of the members – do I have to go?


Our highly recommendation for you is to go because you have the opportunity to discuss some things that can prove extremely useful. For example, after talking with other members you can borrow something from their strategies and receive some good pieces of advice. Also, if you have any questions or complaints, it’s the perfect occasion to present them. Not to mention the fact that this represents a good way of socialising. In order to have trustworthy partners, it’s important to show that you are one.


Is there an online tracking system that I can use, if I am part of a global freight network?


Thanks to modern technology almost every cargo alliance can provide its members an online tracking system that they can use for knowing exactly what happens with their cargo, but also with the other members’ activity.