Crucial aspects to consider when selecting a virtual office in Singapore


Have you finally decided to start your own business? Then you know that you have to do your best to reach a great number of possible customers, because this is the only way to achieve success. Actually, it does not matter if you just established a business, or you plan to expand your start-up, the image you offer your clients on your business has the power to influence the number of customers that will prefer your brand. People are impressed by the first image, being it that of a person or business, and you have to offer them the impression that you run a big company. They tend to not trust start-ups, even if you may offer better services and products than many large firms from the industry may. So, if you want people to think that you run your business from one of the most amazing buildings from Singapore, but you do not have the money to rent that space, you can opt for a Singapore virtual office address. Here are some aspects that should influence your choice.

Check the forwarding and call answering service

If you want to add credibility to your firm, you should consider adding business landline. You may think that it is easier to answer to calls by yourself, but if you want to look like a professional, you should have a secretary doing it. It is advisable to have a landline and not a mobile number, because people will prefer your services if they consider you a local firm. You can work from whatever place you want, because the local landline number can redirect the calls to your mobile phone. If you want to have someone to answer your calls at your virtual office, you should call there and see if they answer in a professional way, because they have to offer a good impression to your customers.

Mail forwarding is important

You do not want to spend your time in self-collecting the mail; it would be easier if it will be forwarded to your working address or home. Moreover, this is a very important service, if you are based overseas.

Meeting and working spaces

You may prefer to work remotely, but there are days when you would want to come to the office to be more productive, or to meet your clients and partners. Therefore, you have to check if the virtual office provider also has some rentable desks you can use in case of need.