Beauty Salon Marketing Plan

If you put enough effort into the marketing plan, any business can be a real success. In case you own a beauty salon, you start off with the advantage of having clients go in and out of the salon daily if you know how to attract them. After all, people of all ages and genders care for the way they look, a fact that makes them loyal to beauty salons. But what do you have to do to attract them to your business and keep them from going to the competition? If you want to learn a great marketing plan for a beauty salon to increase the success of your business, continue to read this article.

Hold educational seminars

A great way to bring in more clients and to increase the success of your beauty salon is to hold educational seminars. During these seminars, you can show the people who are attending how to style their hair with a flat iron, you can explain the many benefits of treatments with lash growth serums, and more. Just make sure that you choose subjects of interest for your clients and that you let them test the products that you use as well. For example, when explaining the benefits of lash growth serums, let the people who are present apply the serum. Also, when you’re holding educational seminars about hair styling, let them use the flat iron themselves as well.

Use the power of discounts to attract clients

When people hear the word discount, they enter a shopping frenzy that is hard to stop. To achieve success, you have to make sure that you apply this tactic to bring in customers. Therefore, every time a holiday is approaching, and once every few weeks, let the people in your general area know that you are offering discounts for your services. You can do this by spreading flyers, or putting signs on the windows of the beauty shop. Another efficient tactic that you can use is to offer special discounts to loyal customers. For example, the people who have already come to your beauty salon 4 times to ask for your services should receive a generous discount next time they visit.

Promote the beauty salon by using social media

The power of social media is undeniable, people of all ages using different platforms like Facebook or Twitter on a daily basis. This means that you can considerably increase your profits if you make use of social media. Make a Facebook account for the beauty salon, and keep in touch with your existing clients and potential clients through the account. Update it with the latest information regularly. Also, if certain customers agree, you can upload on the Facebook account pictures of them while they get haircuts or receive different treatments to show how the people will be treated when they will come and ask for those specific services.