Advertising done right – Why should all companies invest in video content?


Realising the full potential of video content takes more than necessary for many companies, regardless of the industry in which they activate. However, this type of content is taking advertising by storm, increasing in popularity, and this happens for some solid reasons. Fact is, not everybody is eagerly consuming written content, and for that part of a company’s audience, adopting a different approach is mandatory. Also, search engines like Google seem to flex their algorithms to this new trend, offering preferential treatment to those. However, below you will find some reasons why should you invest in video content for your company, regardless of your company’s dimensions or industry.

1. Video content – they key to information and entertainment

Cisco claimed at some point that by 2017, video content will be approximately 70% of the Internet content. And this already happened, accordingly to some recent research. The consumer’s thirst to satisfy their need of relevant and documented information, but also their entertainment needs, video content has become a leading trend in all industries. This is why more and more companies, from the hard industries and services equally, consider collaborating with a video production agency in the near future, or already have collaboration with one. 64% of the companies that activate across the world estimate that in the next year they will increase the video content present on their social media platforms, official websites and so on, in order to satisfy the demand of video content.

2. Immense reach potential

With video content, a company’s potential of reaching more and more clients is limitless. YouTube videos appear now at the top of search results if they are relevant for a given search. Thus, by creating highly professional video content, that is also informational, you have endless possibilities of reaching closer to potential clients. And since people view in general at least three videos daily, the potential of a campaign of this kind are immense.

3. Consolidate your brand image

Creative video content will certainly help you to consolidate your brand image. Thus, choose the video production company with care. You want to identify a company able to create original and different content. Having similar video content to your competitors won’t contribute at all at differentiating your brand in a highly competitive business environment. The process of branding involves plenty of work directed towards the goal of developing, promoting and protecting your brand image, and you want to work with a company able to illustrate your vision best.

These are three ways in which investing in video content will boost your company’s productivity, competitiveness and consolidate your brand image. These reasons are nowadays the base of a highly competitive company, regardless of its dimensions or activity field. Keep in mind that while there are written content consumers, just as many dread this type of content. Thus informational and valuable video content is mandatory in nowadays’ business climate. Research the market with care and select a highly professional video production company.