Working with ISTS for Efficiently Deliver Orders

For good business, entrepreneurs choose to work with shipping companies that fulfil their standards to the fullest. ISTS, as a third-party service company, meets the expectations when it comes to having efficient delivery systems by having well trained and professional personnel. The team that works there is very responsible and pays attention to important details, such as time management and safety by having affordable prices, innovation, efficiency, a better use of resources and good customer service. They use top equipment, appropriate storage facilities, advanced technology and well-established protocols to make sure their customers, meaning both businesses and their clients, are pleased with the results of their services.

In terms of technology, the company uses high quality machinery and software in order to respect terms and deadlines and to improve performance in shipping and delivery. They have a wide variety of trucks to fit the needs of their customers and the products they need to send. Besides using automate systems, the employees also check the data in order to make sure they are accurate and correct and they match the reality. They are extremely cautious when it comes to safety measures regarding the equipment they use, but also the shipments they have to transport.

ISTS found on is very aware of the concerns of their customers when it comes to not having full control over what happens to their orders that are being handled by a third-party. Because of that, they are very careful in providing accurate information in real time about the delivery situation, location, speed and approximate time of arrival. They offer a notification service to let their clients track their orders and it is updated in real time and checked by the human hand. The information they provide is detailed in order to be transparent concerning shipments, payments, returns and eventual delays. The customers service is very easy to access through all communication means (phone, e-mail, online chat) and the response is prompt and helpful. 

In order to efficiently respect and deliver, the company has a serious protocol that offers the employees solutions for any situations that may or may not happen. The reasons for those protocols are mainly time related, but also state safety measures and complementary plans, which allow the employees to act according to the various situations and solve any kind of problem regarding shipments and other services. Besides inside protocols, there is the possibility to establish additional solutions between ISTS and a customer regarding replacing products that are out of stock or other issues that may occur.

Their transportation services also provide consolidation for items when it comes to both business customers or individuals, in order to make sure that the prices for the delivery services remain low. In addition, whether changes are made or not regarding the time of departure or arrival of products, they inform the customers as fast as possible and notify them of the new modifications and why they have been made. ISTS is also open to changes made by customers.