Legal advice on work accidents – Things all workers should know


All employers have a duty to protect their employees at the workplace. Moreover, they must always inform new workers on certain dangers at the workplace, and do their best to minimise them. In cases in which workplace accidents occur, they must report them and offer the worker in discussion the necessary time off to recover from the injury, period in which the worker must be paid. However, all workers must be informed regarding the following aspects.

When your employer must report work accidents?

All employers must report serious work-related injuries to the Health and Safety Executive, as it follows:

  • Major injuries (broken bones, major open cuts as an example).
  • Any type of injury that prevents a worker to perform their usual tasks more than three days.
  • Life threatening incidents at the workplace.

Reporting these incidents is a task that falls in your employer’s duties, but if you were directly implicated in such events, it would be best to make sure that they were indeed reported.

Health and safety at work – Who is responsible for it?

Every employer must do a work risk assessment and they must do everything in their power to minimise their employees’ and visitors’ exposure to work-related risks. Also, they must assess the exact number of first aiders necessary for the premises and offer the necessary mean to provide first aid, including the materials and the facility necessary. All employers must have a so-called “accident book” where they must record all accidents, serious or not. Except for very small enterprises, all employers must have an accident book. This way, they will always have access to relevant data regarding the necessary days off and the financial compensation involved by the event.

What should I do in case of workplace accident?

If you ever suffer from a work-related accident make sure you take the following steps:

  • Record the injury in the accident book.
  • Make sure that your employer is indeed reporting the accident to the Health and Safety Executive.
  • Get in touch with a professional solicitor specialised in these matters and make sure that they will defence you in court if necessary.

What procedure must I follow to make a claim?

The sooner you follow the next steps, the sooner you will receive a positive feedback from a law court.

  • Seek appropriate medical attention. No matter the circumstances in which the accident occurred, it is mandatory to seek immediate medical attention.
  • Report the accident to your employer. All accidents, especially those that result in an injury must be reported.
  • Make sure that the Health and Safety Executive has been notified.
  • Take photographs. They will help you and your lawyer greatly in a potential court process, if necessary.
  • Talk to witnesses. They will also be helpful in case of a process.
  • Get in touch with a workplace accident solicitor. They are the most appropriate specialists that will help you to receive appropriate compensations.

If you were a subject to a work related accident, make sure that you seek professional help from a specialised lawyer in such cases. They have the necessary knowledge and experience for helping you.