Keep your horses at their optimal weight with the right feed

As a horse farm owner, one of your first concerns should be the food that your provide the animals with. Feeding your horses with insufficient or inadequate supplies can lead to weakness or even serious health issues. When looking for the best horse feed, it is imperative to think a few important things through, and to create a dietary plan that will allow you to maintain their optimal weight. Perhaps a few tips on the topic will simplify things for you, so keep reading:

Learn more about the nutrient requirements of your horses

The most important thing, when it comes to a stud’s diet, is knowing its nutrient requirements. A fully grown horse, at maintenance, will need to consume about 2 percent of its body weight on a daily basis in dry matter. So, a horse that weighs somewhere around 1,000 pounds will need 20 pounds of feed per day. Because the nutrient requirements can vary from one horse to another, depending on age and weight, you need to know every single detail about each one of your farm’s studs, and to personalize their diet accordingly. Only by doing so, you will manage to meet their caloric requirements, and ensure their optimal weight and thus health.

Regular feeding hours

One thing that many farm owners tend to neglect is the importance of a fixed feeding schedule. The horses should be fed in multiple feedings, at the same hours every day. At least three or four meals per day will be necessary, and each meal should consist of the same food amount. It is imperative to follow dietary requirements at all time, and to not skip any meal. Moreover, make sure you never feed them before or after an intense training period, because this can seriously affect their digestive system, so it should be avoided.

Consider adding supplements

Regardless if some of your horses are underweight or not, including supplements in their diet might be a wise thing to do. Sometimes it can be difficult to cover all the nutrients requirements of a horse, and to maintain its strength and health on point, it is best advised to include some supplements in your breeding program. From horse blocks and ointments cotton wool rolls, these products can make a big difference, and they will allow the studs to be in the best shape possible. 

Managing a horse farm is certainly not an easy task, and because you are responsible for the health of the animals, you should be very careful with the feed you provide them. Take these tips into account, and customise the diet of your horses according to their particular dietary needs. In order to make sure that the supplements and food you give them is adequate, it is highly recommended to make your purchases only from reputable suppliers, which can offer you the any details you need regarding their products. With the right feed choices, you will manage to keep your horses at their optimal weight, during both winter and summer.