How to Increase Team Spirit at Work

Being a manager or a supervisor is a very challenging job. Basically, you have to make sure that everybody does their job, and that they increase their performance in time. Most people who have this responsibility usually focus on targets and performance indicators, but there are some things that you can’t measure or include in a report, but which still have a big impact on the working environment. We are talking about the overall atmosphere at work which is directly dependent on team spirit. It is a known fact that people are more productive when they enjoy their work, so if you really want to increase your team’s productivity, you must also focus on increasing their team spirit. Here are some fun ways in which you can do this with minimum effort.

Organize informal team events

Team events are an important part of the corporate culture. They are usually planned in advance and more often than not, they include a lot of planned activities. These types of events can be very fun, but in many cases, due to the formal nature of the event, people behave just as they do in the workplace. In order to fix this problem, try to combine the traditional team events with some informal events. For example, on the last Friday of each month, you could make a tradition of only working half a day, and spending the other half at a team event that the employees can plan by themselves. The company would not pay for the event itself, since you would already pay the employees for a full day, even if they worked just half of the day. However, this won’t be a problem as you don’t have to engage in expensive activities. The people will decide for themselves whether they want to go to karaoke, to a movie, go bowling, go golfing or simply grab a drink. The main benefit is that people will be more likely to be themselves and bond in an informal environment.

Help people take pride in their work

If the budget doesn’t always allow for financial rewards, you can find other ways to reward your team for their accomplishments. For example, did you know that in the military it is common to reward achievement through custom challenge coins. What if the next time that your team delivers some excellent result, you hand out some custom team coins to everybody. This will show your team that you appreciate their work, and it will also make them feel proud of belonging to their team, thus increasing team unity. Moreover, the challenge part can also be very fun. It is customary for different team members to randomly challenge their team. The challenge is extended by dropping the coin, at which point everybody must present their custom challenge coin. If someone isn’t carrying their coin with them when challenge, they will have to buy a round of drinks for everybody at the next team event.