ETNA Trader – The Best Trading Software

If you are looking for a great trading software, look no further as ETNA Trader is the answer to all your trading problems. It is an all in one white label trading platform. It features an intuitive HTML5 trading terminal which runs in any web browser, a multi-asset, broker and data neutral trading platform, trading APIs and a clever widget designer. Moreover, the convenient pay-per-use pricing plans, make this trader software very affordable, allowing even small trading firms or financial advisors, to benefit from the same sophisticated trading software as big trading corporations.

A flexible solution for all traders

Whether you are a trading firm, a robo advisor or an online broker dealer, ETNA Trader can easily be adapted for your needs. Broker dealers can stay competitive by using sophisticated trading IT solutions at low costs. Robo advisors can focus on the algorithms and the unique value proposition, without worrying about the full trade lifecycle. Last but not least, professional traders can benefit from the trader’s highly customizable nature and they can also control user access through the Back office, or by setting a set of trading rules.

Mobile friendly for busy traders

The traders who are always on the go will benefit from full support from ETNA Trader. Not only is the platform accessible on all computers and smartphones, but it even features clever apps for smartwatches. The mobile trader is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. It features customizable layout settings, streaming market data, real time synchronization with the web terminal, price alerts and push notifications.

Convenient OMS with Back Office

Do you want to have full control over the trade execution, while streamlining the trade lifecycle, the back-office operations and the compliance? The ETNA Trader allows you to do all this from a single place. It gives you full control over the trade execution, it delivers automated pre-trade and post-trade compliance, and a great trading platform management system. Moreover, it allows for order creation as well as fractional shares and allocations. The integrated API is great for FinTech startups and robo-advisors.

A great stock trading simulator

A trading simulator is essential because it allows you to test your strategies without the fear of losing your money. The ETNA Trading Simulator is suitable for computer and mobile devices. The executions are very life-like featuring streaming quotes, charts, news and much more. You can even personalize the dashboard with your own widgets.