Don’t make these corporate video production mistakes


It is the era of rush and people do not have enough time to sit and read newspapers or long texts in order to get the information they need regarding a certain subject. They are more prone to watch a video or several images instead, which means that visual and auditory images have a greater impact than most people would think.  This is the reason why numerous companies, regardless the industry in which they operate, decided to promote their products and services using Toronto corporate video production services from companies such as XI Digital and get closer to their existing and potential customers. However, in order to have a successful video, you need to avoid making these mistakes.

You forget to add value

When creating a corporate video, it is highly important to ensure you know your audience well and to know exactly what they would be interested in seeing. Consider the viewer’s time valuable, so having this aspect in mind, create a video that is entertaining or that offers some inspirational message for instance, since chances for them to stop from whatever they are doing at the moment and spend three minutes of their time watching your video are much higher this way.

Do not use technical jargon

Consider your video the most powerful communication tool. In such case, how efficient it will be if you use specialty terms only you and your employees know the meaning of? Your customers will immediately renounce watching the entire video once they hear a word or see an image in the video that they simply do not understand. Make the message as clear as possible and offer viewers valuable information they may be interested in.

Poor sound quality

This is another simple, yet critical mistake that can compromise the success of your corporate video. Make sure that there is no ambient sound, such as air conditioning units or outdoor noise that may distract the viewer’s attention for the actual subject of the video. This means that you have to work with a professional company that offers high quality video production services and that knows exactly what the most important aspects in this process are.

Not connecting with the audience

Failing to make a strong connection with your audience is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. The content of the video must have emotional impact to the viewers and must mean something to them. You have to spend enough time before actually putting your employees in front of a camera and filming them, since you have to ensure that the subject is well prepared. This means that you may have to take several rehearsals with the ones that are going to appear in the video to make them understand the importance of offering full and relevant responses to the questions they are being asked, of showing confidence and of having the right posture during the video.

All in all, these are some simple, yet crucial mistakes that can make the difference between a corporate video that is viewed by thousands of potential and existing customers and one that is ignored by most of them.