Are you hiring a corporate secretary? Ask these questions


If you have an executive job, then you know that a secretary can lighten the load of work you have to deal with daily. Secretaries support executives by taking a range of administrative and clerical tasks you would have to do other way. They have responsibilities similar to the ones of executive assistants and administrative assistants, but according to your needs you can personalize the requirements of the job. Every executive needs corporate secretarial services Singapore, because a secretary can ease your work and help you focus on the important tasks. They will be the ones that will coordinate your meetings, will manage your calendar and will maintain the databases and filing systems. They are familiar with the processes and tools of the workplace, and they will improve the effectiveness of your company. So when hiring, make sure to ask the applicants the following questions, because you have to be sure that you hire a professional, who understands the tasks and who is able to accomplish them.

What is the reason you apply for this job?

You have to be sure that you hire a person who knows the specific of your company, and they consider that they can fit in. The ideal candidate should research information about your company, and prepare for the interview. The culture of your company should be the reason why they have applied for this job.

What motivate you to be good in your domain?

When you interview an applicant, you should check their background and experience, because you have to see if they are relevant for your open position. You should make sure that their previous experience is what you are looking, and you will not have to teach them everything, because this would be a waste of time and money. If the person is able to work in a team, they are open to interpersonal interaction and task complexity does not overwhelm them, then you should consider them a suitable candidate.

What qualities do your consider important in a corporate secretary job?

A corporate secretary would take roles of communication and information managers, so you should make sure they understand this aspect of the job. You should try to explore the qualities of the applicants, through your interview, and see if they have organizational and planning abilities.  Also, it is important them to have initiative, written and oral communication skills, to pay attention to details, and to be reliable persons. You should check the key tasks they had to accomplish at their last jobs, and see if they match with the things the candidate states. There are certain qualities essential for your open position, and you should focus on them when interviewing applicants.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

A person should be able to state three or four of their strengths when it comes to this position. You should look for a person who is a good organizer, planner and who has no difficulties in handling stressful situations. When it comes to weaknesses, you have to be sure that they are doing their best to overcome them.